7 areas of expertise


1. A distinct, labelled and filed methodology,:
"Strategic Positioning of image identity. "

2. The generation of operational ideas. Along this line is also included the function of sparring partner.

3. "Media-training" and "media-coaching are tools that reveal the personality of an entrepreneur, a woman or a politician:
The "media-training", which is high value-added, is achieved by us with professional technicians.
Coaching is done in accordance with human dignity, with great devotion to duty and is limited to the image. This is a concept around the label of 'individual image coaching.

4. Crisis communication and crisis management: in the new global governance, a manager will handle, at least once, a situation of crisis communication. It is a component to predict.

5. External communication is distinguished through the three following aspects:

  • Public Relations and the "go-between"
  • Relations with the "press"
  • Event planning, on a national or international level.

6. Internal communication and entrepreneurial anthropology:
It is necessary to establish a diagnosis to bring the staffs awareness regarding  barriers and their origins. From knowledge, there comes evolution. An SME, a multinational from CAC40 or an ACC industrial subsidiary, a bank, an association, a ministry, may in fact be considered as a group of people involved in a long time period and within an entrepreneurial anthropology approach.

7. New technologies and website.


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