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With the changing environment of our society, if you're not getting into communication, the latter will come to you ...
More than often, situation of crisis brings to communication.
Therefore, it is necessary to anticipate.

Communication has become a strategic sector, which keeps on multiplying and spreading in all areas:
- With Internet, with the advent of the blogosphere, virtual worlds, the emergence of community sites, social networks, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook or Viadeo, our contemporaries have discovered new means of exchange and instantaneous standpoints with high impact.
- With mobile phones and PDAs, the citizen even becomes a new witness-reporter.

Explosion of new technologies gave a new tempo to the power of communication; it has reinvented, modernized and even devoted the latter. With the hold of change and modernity, there are a lot of changes associated with globalization.

Information and communication are becoming global too. A new international public opinion now calls out to all citizens and rulers of the planet simultaneously.

Communication is everywhere, no one escapes it but this undertaking is not without risk. However some contemporary managers are not yet sufficiently aware of the consequences of communication on their governance firstly and, the combined impact of new technologies and globalization secondly.
In this exacerbated communicational context, the presence of communications advisor is considered to be essential. His role is crucial, his ability to react is mainly important. He comes up with the appropriate proposals, at the heart of the decision making process. This role requires recognized and rigorous techniques and skills.

The advisor must understand, with acute intelligence, because he embodies by himself a moving multicultural strategic centre.

Thus, we understand that political communication, financial communication and economic communication are highly intellectualized and developed.
The diversity of the advisor’s activities, the requirement for excellence, and the accuracy of his diagnoses forces him to being in constant analysis of the society, to keeping an intellectual curiosity combined with humility.

In addition, this strategist-adviser is vested with additional responsibility. He gradually became a kind of "social watchtower" related to anticipate danger, to express the real, to predict future political and economic developments, to go after the truth of increasingly fast moving and complex situations.

Changes in modes of communication between global citizens, relentless modernity, speed, globalization and international public opinion; this is the new emerging environment that leads us to rethink our models of governance.

For anyone who wishes to have a successful public action, the presence of a communications advisor is both:

  • a guarantee to better understand his time situation,
  • an insurance to find the right words to be understand,
  • a new way of working on oneself, to project some of his true image to be perceived as fair and objective
  • an anticipation regarding major risks that sometimes became irreversible thanks to media missteps. Indeed, a TV show can not help a boss or a politician to win a new mandate or election. But it can certainly make him lose.

Finally, for a communications advisor, having talent, this is having the courage to tell the truth of a situation to a leading figure that made it to the top. This is a state of mind, a duty.

Like the "oscillation between the objective and subjective image", remains the goal of the portraitist, which crosses out the "red thread" of Professional Practice Advisor.


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Free, I chose to position myself as would a lawyer. In the political field, I am committed to never be seen as a militant political party, passing my professional and intellectual dimensions before any other. At the same, in the economic sector, I am not involved. It's a difference that I want very much. It symbolizes my neutrality. This job requires a distance, analysis, capacity intact observation and criticism, at all times. Whether or campaign with a big boss, independence of spirit, loyalty and courage remain irreversible conditions of the sustainable pursuit of this profession.

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