recommandationFor ethical choice, it will not be given on this site, names of personalities, so as to respect the confidence granted, in turn, by our interlocutors.

We will limit ourselves to a non-exhaustive set of several sectors where Ghyslaine Pierrat occurred since 1990. She evolved particularly:

• In French politics and government action (particularly in the areas of justice, urban policy, economic solidarity and sustainable development, or foreign affairs, environment, or in communication, or at the ministry of finance, tourism, consumption, crafts, liberal professions, at Bercy, etc.),
• In the cultural and audiovisual sector as well as in the media,
• Within the economy, both with SME managers and top CAC 40 managers
• In the finance sector, with bankers,
• And finally, in international relations interventions, with representations to various heads of state, prime ministers or foreign ministers.

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