Academic background and training




Ghyslaine Pierrat worked as a political and economic communications adviser, called "spin doctor", since 1990.

She acquires a first academic legitimacy with legal training, and obtained a law degree, a master's degree in private law, as far as the postgraduate degree in business law, before moving permanently to the communication.

In 1992 and 1993, she passed a postgraduate degree in communication and information science and a postgraduate degree in political communication at the Faculty of Sorbonne in Paris.

After these initial qualifications and diplomas, Pierrat Ghyslaine received a doctorate in political and economic communication at the faculty of Sorbonne in Paris. She obtained in January 2000, the first doctorate in Europe from this discipline, under the influence of French sociological school.

In 2002, she followed a private training to become an individual image coach.


Amphi de la Sorbonne

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